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Attention! For a limited time only, paperback copies of The Harlot Church System, His Presence in the Midst of You and Stepping into the Circle are available for order without charge. See the selection below.

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The Crucified Ones: Calling forth the end-time remnant… Go to
In Search of Dad: Calling forth the dad within the man… Go to
His Presence in the Midst of You: Calling forth a sanctified people… Go to or order below
The Harlot Church System: Come out of her My people… Go to or order below
The Transcendent Seed of Abraham: A people for Yahweh… Go to
Stepping into the Circle: Of All that pertains to the Kingdom of God… Go to or order below
Streams that Make Gald: Psalm 46:4 Go to
Sayings Go to
Sequestered in the Jury Room of the Human Heart: A Thematic Study of the Gospel of John Go to

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His Presence In The Midst Of You: Calling forth a sanctified people...
The Harlot Church System: "Come out of her My people"...
Stepping into the Circle: There is a transition taking place...
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